30 October 2008

The Karelia - Divorce at High Noon



Genre: Jazz Rock

Similar Artist: Not sure

Perhaps, the main reason for listening to this album is Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos. Yeah, he's awesome. He has this really sexy voice. The album is a mixed bag of craziness, humor and darker stuff thrown in for good measure.

The Karelia - Divorce at High Noon (1997)
  1. Divorce At High Noon
  2. Love's A Cliché
  3. Say Try
  4. To His Coy Dietress
  5. Life In A Barrat Garret
  6. Crazy Irritation
  7. Remorse At High Noon
  8. Dancing Along To Nekrotaphion
  9. The Devil Rides Hyndland
  10. The Infinite Duration
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Tension
  13. Bleach Yours
  14. Exaggeration
  15. Garavurghty Butes

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